Crypto Builders Incubator

Tané mark

Nurture the soil for Web3.

Tané is "Crypto Builders Incubator". We aim to contribute to the crypto/Web3 ecosystem by utilizing the experience and expertise we gained by developing and investing in web businesses and applications.

Investing in crypto projects is essentially different from traditional venture investments, and we believe we need to make practical contributions such as development, design and financing.forestWe will invest in and contribute to excellent projects that are "seeds" (Tané in Japanese) at their early stages. Those projects will shape the forest of the Web3 ecosystem in the future. Our goal is to commit to rooting the seeds and growing them to create an ecosystem that will eventually turn into the soil itself in the forest.

We believe that we can build a luxuriant forest by nurturing the soil that supports the forests of Web3 and activating the environment of the microorganisms (Builders) that enrich the soil.